Celine Celines

Who is celinecelines?

we are many.

celinecelines is the personal blog of Céline Semaan Vernon,
founder of slowfactory.com,
co-founder of ledesignteam.com,
also associated with noweapon.org.

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About Celinecelines

Hello, my name is celinecelines, I believe that all of us are many people living in one, and we can do so many things, and have so many different destinies. My goal is to facilitate and give the opportunity for people to cultivate their positive destinies and inspire social innovation and progressive change. I love and support Open culture, Open Web Standards, Creative Commons and the Open web. I was born in Lebanon, grew up in Montreal, studied in Beirut and Paris, specialized in Inter Media and Cyber Arts in Montreal, worked in New York and have been involved in promoting Creative Commons Lebanon and Creative Commons Montreal. Being part of many cultures and of mix-marriage of many languages, I have always been the ambassador of the different, and the amateur story-teller. I love people, and am passionate about freedom and culture. Recently launched my fashion line mixing Open Data and Fashion under the brand SlowFactory.com. And a design consultancy based in New York Le Design Team.

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For Work and General Inquiry, please email me : hi@celinecelines.com

For Slowfactory : celine@slowfactory.com

For Open Theatre : info@opentheatre.cc

For Le Design Team : celine@ledesignteam.com

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