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*Google Street View Stop Motion Animation Mash Up!*

by celine on April 7, 2009

This is amazing! Mash Up culture to another extend! When Google shoots up Montreal, we will have all the material we want to animate Google and play! These guys have seen it first!
Makes me think of Lessig’s Remix book that I feel I have already read in a parallel Univers, sharing already that philosophy, shall I say understanding it, embracing it. This is the change we are all talking about everywhere on the planet. Change that yesterday was frightening Europeans so much they were blaming the States!! Mais voyons les amis! Embrace the change. Life is change! We all change fundamentally from a cell to a human to dust and nothing. Change occurs inevitably every millisecond of life, on a level we, humans cannot always perceive!
Funny! haha
Change is a powerful concept nowadays it seems to be surfaced onto another level of understanding. Just where newspapers are shifting to digital platform, online only. The world’s economy is hip hoping in directions never possible before bbbbbounce le gros! (^_+) Bounce!
I feel so lucky to be an 80’s kid, having grown with the internet, and accepting it evolving with it as a reality that cannot be reversed, makes me embrace change as I come from change and know it.
But to be more universal, and send out a more constructive message, I guess an era is changing means it divides itself infinitely to a sort of Table Rase state, like a mental state a philosopher would voluntary put himself into to understand the world. For the ignorant, this change is scary. So if you are afraid out there, read! Push yourself towards knowledge! Open Wikipedia and type in the stuff that makes you so scared, and read. Take time to feel lost, and as you read try to understand.

Step 1: Reach Rock Bottom

Freak Out! Reach the bottom!

Step 2: Wikipedia as a way to learn fast (Must use your own judgment)

Reach towards knowledge: Learn

Step 3: Processing data

Analysis: Take notes, bullet points are a blessing at this point, extract the understood.

Step 4: Connecting

Engage in the conversation. Embrace the internet structure of social media, and reach out to real people. Create connections. Make friends. Be real.

Step 5:
Never stop reading. Don’t let go of the truth. Knowing that the truth is the mosaic/kaleidoscope of infinite amount of gathered knowledge around one theme.

Correct me if I’m wrong, all comments are welcome.